Dear all my friends in,

I have an opportunity to invest on my family communal land. My family has a land heritage that need some money to cultivate it. The natural source inside the land contains of marbles stone, bird’s nest, wood furniture and etc.

For your information the land is about more and less of 250 hectares. The location is in West Sumatran Province of Indonesia, it’s a communal land and own by one big family. We are looking for an investor for such a long time, but unfortunately we don’t have the business plan yet. Because it must create by the person who has skill on it. Our major study is not from that field. There are some reason why we couldn’t create proposal, the major problem is about the cost. We have to pay some person to create it, as you know it need studies, research and exploration. Unfortunately we do not have that effort.

You can trust me on this, i knew there are so much thing needs to start up a big business like that. Beside business plan of course you need to see the real thing right? I prefer to take you to the location so you can think about my offered.

I am sure if we could manage the land properly, it can give us good return of investment (ROI) because the mining industry of C mineral is growing up now. I do hope that you will consider my offer even we could not give you a business plan yet. This business will help the people who live around this area to have a better life. Our family are greatly open for this big opportunity and we welcome you to invest to our land.

For your consideration I enclose some pictures of the land. Some infrastructures has been built there specially main road to the location.

For further information please contact us to

Gatot Sapto Baskoro

Additional Screenshots location…

WARNING .. highly addictive!

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Hello My Friends……

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Sweeva Reviews

If you’ve not heard of Sweeva before, it is basically a traffic exchange with a difference. The difference being “social browsing”, which allows people to comment and rate other peoples’ web pages. If you are wondering what the heck Sweeva is, or whether or not it is worthwhile joining, read this Sweeva Review to help you decide!

First, before I get into the review, yes Sweeva is a traffic exchange and I have seen much debate on whether or not traffic exchanges work or not. Here is my verdict on it:

  • Traffic Exchanges do not work well for long winded sales pages, your home page or costly products and business opportunities.
  • Traffic Exchanges work very well for building your list.

The key thing to remember is that people surfing traffic exchanges are looking for one thing – TRAFFIC. So to get them interested in your offer, make sure your offer has something to do with traffic, or building a downline. Now on to my review of Sweeva…

What is Sweeva?

In a nutshell, Sweeva lets you advertise your web pages to other members of Sweeva. The big difference between Sweeva and other traffic exchanges is that with Sweeva EVERYONE on the Sweeva site views your page at the same time. The other difference is that people can vote “Thumbs Up”, “Thumbs Down” or “Unsure” when they are viewing your web page. They can also make comments on it. This can be useful as you get to see exactly what other people are thinking when they view your web page. If you get more thumbs up than thumbs down you will earn some bonus credits as well.

Earning Credits

You earn credits in Sweeva by viewing other people’s pages and rating them. These credits can then be used to advertise your own page. Rather than using 1 or 2 or 10 credits per view, you need to actually bid for a viewing. Typically it costs around 100-150 credits to get your site shown and it will be seen by around 30-70 people depending on the time of day. You also earn experience points in Sweeva and these will unlock various features. You’ll get bonus credits and experience points for various  actions such as advertising your splash page, referring members, tweeting about Sweeva, Tweeting other members’ pages, viewing sites and more.

Things I don’t like about Sweeva

  • Don’t particularly like the bidding. I’d rather my pages got shown for a certain number of credits per view
  • People tend to make completely useless comments on other peoples’ pages
  • When you first join it can take a while to work out exactly how it works. A userguide would have been nice!

Things I like about Sweeva

  • Unique social aspect of voting
  • You can arrange it so that you are on the site while your web page is being viewed and rated. You can also interact with surfers.
  • Surf 10 pages a day and you earn 10 points, increasing by 10 points each consecitive day with no limit
  • Good response rate to my ads
  • Higher upgrade rate than most exchanges, which means more commissions
  • Lots of unique features and ways to earn points. A good way to keep people interested

That’s about it! Overall I’d recommend Sweeva as a fun way to get traffic and build your list. It is one of the better traffic exchanges out there with a lot of nice unique features.

I hope you enjoyed this Sweeva review! You can Sign up for a Sweeva account for free here….

Dear All my friends,

My name is Gatot Sapto B, I am originally from the field of entertainment. My focus in traditional performances, I use my spare time by studying online business. I often discuss, share ideas, knowledge and experience with my wife about the business opportunities in our country Indonesia. By the way my wife once worked as a financial consultant, but after we got married, she quit from her job.

To be honest we are looking for investors who are willing to invest and cooperate with us … there are some business opportunities that we try to offer, including…

  • Advertising, provides an opportunity to advertise to the advertiser via the electronic media Flat TVs in every mall.
  • Buy airtime on private TV stations for a variety of programs such as traditional comedy and sitcom.
  • Provide funding to a group of traditional art of dance or music from a variety of professional areas in order to be introduced and take part in the international.
  • Creating a financial institution that can help improve the economic population in the district or city in the west Sumatra province by providing interest that is not too high so that people’s prosperity can be achieved.
  • Provide financing facilities to small and medium business group to build factories as animal feed, fish meal, etc.
  • Create a one stop networking system to facilitate the farmers such as vegetables, rice, fruit to get a better life and support the family’s economic activities that had been crippled due to the unbalance cost of agricultural production and daily routine expenditure for living and educational needs of children.
  • Create an integrated non-formal education institutions (English and other lessons, computers, music, sports etc.) for children from age three to eighteen-year making it easier for them to get education in various fields such a hurry without time to move from one place to another.
  • Provide financing facilities to cultivate land heritage in which there are various C content of mineral quarrying (marble, limestone, sand) and various agricultural products in the system share the results with investors. The extent of the estate about 250 acres more, the owner or beneficiary of the most competent is my wife who is the greatest daughter in her extended family. In the tradition,  their family is the royal family who is in the region of west Sumatran province which until now it is still recognized by local people and their government. The Land known as communal land and under applicable law in the area of land ownership is recognized by the other party and the area bounded by them as evidenced by the boundary signs at each corner point. Although this recognition is made in traditional ways such as by putting the stake but in customary law and local government has declared the issuance of ownership, just unfortunately not yet in the form of certificates.The land description is a stretch and hills, especially for stone marble-shaped cliffs.

I want to clarify that the points 1 to 3 are my skills, point 4 to 7 was the wife of my skills (at least he has been working in the field) and the last point is my wife land heritage.

I need to explain I am very serious about this … if anyone is interested to cooperate with us, please contact us via email at or…..Thank you

Gatot Sapto B

To establish trust between both parties, I am willing to send my personal data in detail.

What is PTC…??

You can Earn Money Online Without Any Investment. We have many easy methods for earning, while we all spend our useful time on internet by surfing, chatting, downloading etc. There is no need to stop any other work. Here we tell you the complete method for online earning.

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Sounds good? Keep on reading:
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When your account balance reaches the minimum cashout value, you can request for a cashout. Payments are made to  PayPal or AlertPay. (Minimum cashout value – The amount of money you must reach before requesting a payment)

Important NOTES: When you have registered at advertising sites, log in and click at ”View Advertisements”  you will see list of  ads. Click at litlle circle or similar sign to verify that you are a human.  You can not open more than one advertisament from the same site at one time, but you can simultaniously open one add from diferrent PTC sites. You don’t have to acctualy look at adverisaments, you can chat with your friends, read mails etc.  You are allowed to have one account per IP address or household. Do not try to create more than one account, as all of your accounts will be terminated and balances will be forfeited. We recommend you to register at all oferred PTC sites to maximize your earnings.

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“Swom is a social networking site that pays you by socializing! You get paid by talking to members! You get paid even by asking questions!”

Swom stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking site for home-business owners and internet marketers. Swom is like Facebook that allows you to socialize and interact with people. But unlike most social networking sites when you socialize in SWOM you will be paid… Yes, you heard it right! SWOM pays you when you talk to the members whatever be the topic, may it be just a simple hello or raising any questions about anything so long as you abide by the terms of use and policies of Swom.

How can you make money with SWoM?

There are so many ways to make money with Swom. But there’s one bonus pool that attracts most of my attention, the Community Participation Bonus. I never find this kind of bonus in any other similar paid social networking sites.The Community Participation Bonus will allow gold members to make money by participating and interacting (socializing) with other members. It is a way of earning an income even without referring anyone. So communicating with fellow members is never a waste of time!

In this bonus, the more you talk, the more you share, the MORE you make money.Aside from the Community Participation Bonus, there’s another bonus that is truly fantastic, the Gold Evangelist Bonus. A whooping 20% of company-wide Gold membership commissions are paid into this bonus! Actually, Swom has two types of memberships. The free members, also called the blue members and the paid members, also called the Gold members.

As a gold member you can get a share from the Gold Evangelist Bonus, if you connect with blue members (regardless of whoever are their sponsors) and convince them to become gold. Once the blue member upgrades to gold, even at a later time, you still get a share.

With these two bonuses, you can make money while having fun. You don’t need to recruit anyone to qualify for this bonus.These are some of the reasons why there are lots of Swom addicts arising and that doesn’t exclude me.

I believe that these are also the reasons why there are so many nice and hospitable people in Swom community. Another way to make money is by inviting free or paid members to Swom. If you are a gold member and you invited another gold member, you will earn $15 first month and $5 monthly residual income starting on the 2nd month.

Sharing your business to SWOM members.

Most of the members of the Swom community are Internet Marketers. These internet marketers are open and are always looking for more profitable business to promote. If you have a good and profitable business, these members would love to hear it.

As a Swom member, there’s a space in your back office specially prepared for your business. You can post as many businesses as you can and their profile.

While most people, young and old nowadays, love the concept of socializing from various social networks like Facebook, MySpace and many others SWOM can be the BEST venue not just for socializing but most importantly, EARNING. In SWOM you are absolutely utilizing your time and effort properly and productively while making friends worldwide. Try it and have fun earning while swomming!

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